You, Your Dream Body, and Pau Gasol


They did it. The Laker’s won another championship!

Pau Gasol is an integral part of the winning team, and he is also one of the most underestimated players on the court. The thing that makes Pau so good at what he does is that he has a solid foundation of the fundamentals of his game.

I know, I know, working the fundamental stuff isn’t always the flashiest or sexiest stuff out there but here’s why it’s important.

A solid foundation allows you to go into ‘auto-pilot’ mode and do the things you do without worrying about hurting yourself.

The same can be said about fitness. When you haven’t exercised in a while, fundamental things go out the door really fast.

In a nutshell–your butt and gut get weak, which usually results in back or hip issues. You know you’ve had them.

The exercises below are meant to build a solid foundation so you can worry less about things that ache, and get on with the business of getting your dream body.

You can perform 3-4 sets daily and work up to holding the positions for :60.

YouTube Preview Image

Alright Fit Body’s get after it.


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