Santa Clarita Boot Camp Secrets To Breaking Your Weight Loss Plateau

We’ve all felt that rush. You know when the planets align and all the sweating, lifting, pushing, pulling, and under-your-breath cursing results in the scale saying you’re 10 pounds lighter.

You get  fired-up about your results. Right?

Then at some point, IT happens.

Everything comes to a screeching halt and progress stops. You’ve reached that scary place called a plateau.

Confusion, frustration, and disappointment overcome you and this is usually when you say to your self:

“Self, I have to workout harder.”

I admire your gusto here, I really do, but let’s back this train up. If you’re like me, then life is super-busy. Yes or yes?

Who has the time, energy, and desire to workout longer?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here but it’s not THE SECRET.

I’ve been watching you.

I’ll have my ear-buds on rocking some front-squats to Pantera, or as I walk    the gym floor I’ll scan the place using the mirrors, heck…even my Santa Clarita boot camp clients have fessed up.

Do you know what I’ve found to be the consistent factor time and time again when I see people whose body’s haven’t changed in months or years?—YOU keep doing the same thing.

Your body and mind are crazy-smart, and will get used to the things you do.

You want to know THE SECRET to breaking fitness plateaus?

Change the things you do, and do it frequently.

  • If you’re used to doing lunges front-to-back try going side-to-side or adding a step and turn.
  • Stuck on 15 repetitions? Do yourself a favor and workout for time instead. Say—60 or 90 seconds worth of repetitions.
  • Got a back and biceps day? Push pause and train total-body instead.
  • Put that Pilates core strength to the test by trail-running, taking a tumbling class or boot camp.

Want another reason to switch it up? Continually doing the same things can create muscle imbalances and set you up for injury.

I haven’t even gotten into the eating part of this fitness thing, and I’m not gonna go into detail here because that’s a conversation for another time, but I will say this.

What you stuff in your face makes up 80% of how you’re going to look and feel, and it drives me nuts when people only rely on exercise to lose inches. You gotta dial it in because you cannot out-train poor eating.

So here’s the bottom line. The only thing that should be routine about your fitness routine is that you make it part of your lifestyle.

Mix it up, work hard, and rock it!


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