The “You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gym” Method of Getting Fit

Santa Clarita Fitness Expert Shows You How To Get Fit Without The Gym.

One of my favorite ways to workout is by not going to the gym. All you’ll need for a butt kicking workout is YOU, and a simple template that will allow you to put together a ton of different workouts.

It takes away any excuses you might have for not belonging to a gym, going on vacation and not having equipment or the hotel gym being equipped with things from the stone-age.

Before I get to the template, I want to explain why working out using your body weight kicks so much butt.

  1. It forces you to control your body to do the exercises properly. In other words it builds massive core stability. Do the exercises with poor posture and your body will reward you with the gift of aches and pains in the wrong places. Learn to activate your core and hold rock-star posture and you’ll be sore in the right places with toned muscles to show off.
  2. It doesn’t cost anything.
  3. You are free to move like you do in life–meaning you can move front to back, side-to-side, turn/rotate, go fast or slow. Unlike machines in gyms that force you to fit into them, often do the stabilizing for you, and make you sit, which is what you were already doing at work or home before coming to the gym.

So here’s the super simple template you can use to design your own workouts. It is based on the movements of pushing and pulling for your upper body, and knee driven and hip driven exercises for your lower body.

The idea here is that by breaking down the basic elements of what your body does you are able to work large muscle groups, burn a ton of calories, and save yourself a lot of time.

Some forms of pushing exercises are: pushups, Spiderman pushups, inverted pushups etc.

These are some pulling exercises: prisoner squat/lunge variations, cobra’s, alligator crawls, pullups.

Knee dominant exercises can be things like: squats, single-leg squats etc.

Hip dominant moves can include: hip lifts, single-leg deadlifts, and lunges.

Here’s a sample workout I put together for you using pushing and knee and hip driven exercises with some cardio thrown in to increase the calories you burn:

  1. Spiderman pushups
  2. 50 yard run into waist deep water or just run 50 yards…hard
  3. Drop lunges
  4. That 50 yard thing again
  5. 180 Crabwalk pushups
  6. Gimme 50 yards
  7. Prisoner Squat
  8. Finish with 50 yards

How to do the workout:

  1. Do 10 repetitions for each exercise.
  2. Do 10 on each leg/arm for single-sided exercises.
  3. Set up a 50 yard path you can use for running. If you can run into water, even better. The resistance of the water will make you work harder and crank your heart rate. Plus it’s a heck of a lot of fun.
  4. You will do 1 strength exercise immediately followed by a 50 yard run OR for you overachievers, make that a sprint : )
  5. Alternate between the strength exercises and the run until you complete the entire circuit, which will make 1 round.
  6. Rest for :30-:60 seconds between rounds.
  7. Perform 4 rounds of the circuit.

Check out my Waikiki Fat Melter below

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I’d love to hear how this works for you, leave me a comment below.


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