Does Your Warmup Suck?

Santa Clarita Personal Trainer Reveals A Common Fitness Mistake


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So many people simply hop on a treadmill for a “5 minute warmup” before their workout. That’s fine if you’re workout involves walking or running, but if you’re warming up to lift weights, you really gotta keep reading this.

Warming up on a treadmill does absolutely nothing to prepare the muscles you’re going to use during a weight workout.

Yeah I know some people  will say “That’s the way I’ve always done it.”

Well would you agree with me that things evolve and improve? Yes or yes?

In the name of evolution, I have a more suitable alternative to the old standard, it’s called a Dynamic Warmup.

This kind of warmup takes the muscles you’ll be using in your workout and well…uses them. A fancy term people like to throw around for this is “movement preparation” meaning, get your muscles ready to do what it is you’re going to ask of them.

I hear you out there. Go on, ask me. “What’s so good about that John?”

Besides truly warming up the muscles, you also help to reduce your chance for injury.

Here is a simple template you can use:

  1. Do :60 seconds of each exercise you choose
  2. Perform an upper body exercise for the front AKA your pushing muscles
  3. You guessed it, now do something for the back of your upper body AKA pulling muscles
  4. Do something for your lower body where you move front to back
  5. Choose a side-to-side movement for your lower body
  6. Finish with an exercise where you do some sort of lower body rotation

That’s it. Super simple, super effective. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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