Valencia Personal Trainer Gets Breakfast At Corner Bakery

A lot of my boot camp clients are on the go in Valencia, Santa Clarita, and the rest of the SCV.  So this week I wanted to show you a great local place to get a healthy breakfast when you’re out and about–Corner Bakery.

My usual order is oatmeal and egg whites. In fact I get this so often it should be called the “Fit Body Special” LOL.

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Something else that’s really cool about Corner Bakery is they’ve tailored the menu for people with special dietary needs. Manager James Gass, explained that they carry vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-dairy items on the menu.



Now I know you’re probably wondering: “What about the bakery items?”

Look I know they carry some really yummy bakery foods. A big part of this whole fat loss thing is watching your portions and of course making better choices. So if you absolutely must eat baked goods here are two of their lowest calorie items:

  1. Apricot Filled Shortbread 180 Calories
  2. Chocolate Truffle Filled Shortbread 200 Calories



You can find Corner Bakery in Valencia across from the Westfield Town Center at 24290 Valencia Boulevard. Stop on in, get your after-workout oatmeal and egg whites, and if you see James say “hi” he’s super-cool.

Hey, let me know what some of your favorite healthy combos are at Corner Bakery in the comments section below.


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