My Top Fitness Prediction For 2011


Have you made your resolution for 2011 yet? Does it have anything to do with getting in shape and weight loss?

Before you answer that I’d like to turn your attention to something that’s been on my mind for a while now. You could even say that I developed some sort of psychic ability.

Heck if that were the case I’d be typing this post from the dressing room of my “The Great John Super Psychic Show” in Las Vegas.

Okay, back to reality. I don’t have psychic ability but I am a personal trainer with a feeling that is leading me to make what I call my ‘Top Fitness Prediction for 2011’.

Here it is:

2011 is the year that millions of people will lose weight and regain their health.

Things are changing really fast. People around the world, and in neighborhoods like Santa Clarita are realizing that obesity has gotten out of hand and exercise is taking it’s place center stage.

Now more than ever exercise is being sought after as if it were the fountain of youth. It very well may be. Everywhere you look people are too stressed from work, unappreciative bosses, kids’ extracurricular activities, and yes even the family’s we all love.

How often are people around you coming down with some sort of cold?

Ever said to yourself ‘I wish I had more energy’ or ‘Why do I feel older than I am’?

Well, in the Google age more and more people are looking things up, becoming informed, and coming to the realization that exercise goes a long way towards reducing stress, increasing energy, boosting your immune system, and countless other things.

Seriously. Just Google it.

People are tired of feeling the way they do and they want to take control.

There’s never been a better time to get into exercise because there is so much out there beyond the standard gym-membership, which incidentally over 90% of New Year’s resolution people end up quitting by January 20th.

You can find boot camps (which are great for people short on time) and hybrid classes that combine martial arts and strength training. If you can think it up it’s probably out there for you. Pick your flavor.

A huge part of losing weight and feeling good comes from how you eat.

The real food movement is taking the globe by storm as people turn away from fast and processed foods and return to wholesome, nutritious meals.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that eating fresh vibrant food with ingredients you can pronounce will easily increase your energy within 30 days.

Many of my clients who’ve lost 25-40 pounds will also tell you the same thing.

Sadly for many people it costs less to eat junk than it does to eat nutritious food. If I had my way, I’d flip the script and tax fast-food places for filling our belly’s and our childrens’ belly’s with poison.

Make no mistake. 2011 is going to be the year that people commit to  a healthier lifestyle and drop the extra weight. Maybe even you.

If you’re ready to start feeling better about yourself and look better in your clothes, take a look at this.

Committed to your fitness success,


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