How To Overcome Fear and Doubt and Get Anything You Want In Life

Hey Guys. I’m super-excited to share this guest post with you this week. It is from someone who I consider to be one of my Yoda’s: Bedros Keuilian.

I came across Bedros’ work last year, at a time in my life when I knew I could do so much more as a fitness professional, but I needed some direction.

I’m not going to lie to you. I had my fears and doubts at first, but the thing that kept me inching forward was that Bedros was coming from a place I wanted to be.

Little-by-little, I incorporated the things Bedros taught me, and you know what? The stuff worked.

I am now the owner of an awesome boot camp in Santa Clarita, and I feel extremely grateful to be able to help waaaaaaaay more people than I did before.

So to Bedros, I give you a HUGE thank-you, and to my clients and followers on my blog I give you this post that was originally featured on

How to Overcome Fear and Doubt and Get Anything You Want In Life

Fear and doubt are a bitch. naked-runners

If there were ever two elements in life that would guarantee that your life would suck ass, that you’d experience zero success in anything you do, and that you’d be miserable in every way –  it’s the feelings of fear and doubt.

Most people experience fear and doubt throughout life.

It’s normal…

It’s part of life…

And I bet head shrinks would even say SOME small levels of fear and doubt are healthy.

But if you ask me what the top two reasons are that destroy dreams, kill ambition, and stop most people from getting what they want in life, I’d tell you it’s FEAR and DOUBT.


And even a little is too much.

Here’s what happen…
A dude see’s a girl he likes. She might like him, too. But his fears and doubts override his logic and desire to get what he wants and he never asks her out. Disappointing himself and her.
You have an idea for a business. It sounds like a winner. But when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road you start thinking up all the POTENTIAL problems your business might experience and the risk that comes along and so you scrap the idea. Leaving yourself and starving market place disappointed.

Variations of the two examples above happen hundreds of times each day.

I want to start this awesome business – but I don’t have enough money.
Bullshit! You’re afraid of failure. Afraid of hard work. Afraid of going broke.

Just as soon as I get a better job or get that raise I’m going to start saving up for a home.
Bullshit! You don’t think you deserve a home. You’re afraid that you might lose it. Cause if you REALLY wanted that home you’ll find a way to make that increase in pay happen TODAY.

I’m going to start exercising and watching my diet as soon as I get my business in order, or get over this cold, or when January rolls around.
Bullshit! You’re afraid of change. You doubt you can take and keep it off. You don’t think you REALLY deserve it.

Fear and doubt are the two most limiting emotions EVER.
And for some reason folks live in this super heightened state of fear and doubt NOW more than ever.

Let me draw you a word picture of what happens when you let fear and doubt creep into your head.

It all starts with the thoughts that occupy your mind.

First the negative self-talk begins (sometimes without you ever consciously knowing it).

The negative self-talk leads to limiting actions and behaviors.

The limiting actions and behaviors lead to self-sabotage and a sorry “attempt” at doing something good for yourself.

And nothing feels better than saying “I tired but it didn’t work out” when really you had programmed yourself to fail along.

But self-pity feels good. It makes it “not your fault”. And so the cycle continues.

Like I said…

…FEAR AND DOUBT ARE A BITCH and they create a vicious cycle of failures in life.

But there is a way to overcome fear and doubt and get anything you want in life. fearless1

First you gotta know where both of these crappy feelings come from.

FEAR, when you distil it down to its core is UNCERTAINTY.

DOUBT, at it’s core level is FEAR OF FAILURE.

Take a look at the state the world is in today. The global wars, the economy and the scare of sickness (like swine flu) have people living in UNCERTAINTY and in FEAR OF FAILURE.

But like I said there is a way to overcome this bitch and get anything you want in life.

Check it out… it’s easier than you think.

How to get over the fear of failure and uncertainty.

Are you ready for this?….

Here it comes…

seal1Fail more often! And when you do get up, look fear in the eye and try it again.

I don’t know crap about baseball. But I do know that Babe Ruth struck out WAY more times than he hit home runs. But everyone knows him as the homerun king.

Everyone knows Trump as the successful real estate mogul. But if you read his book you’ll see he fail several times – BIG – and at one point had a NEGATIVE net worth of $900 MILLION with dozens of bankers on his ass.

What if Trump stopped there?

What if Babe Ruth dropped the bat and walked off after his first strike out?

Fear and doubt are the two most TOXIC things that can occupy your mind.

Here’s an exercise to help you overcome uncertainty and fear of failure – which is basically what fear and doubt really are.

Let’s say that you’re trying to do something big for yourself.

For example, lets say you’re trying to open up a personal training studio. The idea of taking on so much risk is scary.

Throughout the months fear and doubt might creep into your head several times. And when they do you gotta take immediate action to squash’em.

Here’s what you do… Find something that brings you some level of fear or doubt when you think about it. BUT it has to be something that you can overcome RIGHT NOW and not months from now when a project is done.

Example: skydiving might freak you out. GOOD…look at it in the eyes and go out, pay the $400 bucks and do it THIS WEEKEND. arested

There are a lot of things you can do RIGHT NOW to overcome fear and self doubt. Even if you gotta walk naked across a major intersection –do it. (but don’t call me if get arrested.)

My point is this. The minute fear and doubt enters your mind about anything, go out and do SOMETHING that puts you out of your comfort zone. Even if it’s not related to your big project you’ll instantly get the courage to get and stay on track and have anything you want in life.

Plus your life will be more adventuress.

I used to be scared shitless about getting up on stage at a live event. Now I can’t wait!

You should of seen the things I did to overcome the limiting fears and doubt I had back then. (I probably should have been arrested a bunch of times).

What are you gonna do about YOUR fears and doubts?

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