How To Get Better At Pushups From Santa Clarita Personal Trainer John Bocobo

Pushups. One of those exercises that has been around forever, yet few people do correctly.

At my fat burning boot camp, pushups and their evil cousins t-pushups, hindu pushups, and grasshopper pushups can be found on the exercise menu on most days.

Some people can jump right into them no problem, and some people need to start at square one. But that’s okay we all had to start somewhere right?

So how do you get better at pushups besides simply doing them?

Why, with my ‘2-Step Pushups-Are-A-Cinch Method’ of course.

I usually hear two things from my new boot campers when pushups are involved  ‘I can’t get down far enough’ or ‘I can’t push myself up’.

Step 1. I need you to do more negative stuff. HA!

For you that means focusing on the eccentric part of the pushup, the part where you go down. In exercise speak it’s also referred to as the negative part of the pushup.

During the lowering part of the exercise your muscles have to work harder than they do to push yourself up. Trust me slowing yourself down with control takes a lot more out of you.

You’re going to take advantage of that by lowering yourself slowly with control during your pushups. At some point you’ll feel like you can’t control it anymore and a face plant is imminent. That’s your threshold, the point where you still have control, so that’s as far as you need to lower yourself until you get stronger.

Step 2. To get better at pushups focus on your belly button.

Look, as a personal trainer in gyms from Santa Clarita to San Jose I’ve seen a lot of people do pushups over the years. I’ve even seen people who say they’re good at pushups show me something that looks like this.

A pushup involves holding your body in a plank position aka in-line from head, shoulders, hips, and ankles.

Doing pushups with the posture you see above is a world filled with you working harder than you have to and dropping an f-bomb here and there.

If you want to get better at pushups build your core stability…do planks.

You can start out with knee planks. Lay face down with your elbows under your shoulders, hands apart. Pull your belly button in (like you’re squeezing into small pants) and squeeze your butt. Then lift your hips off the floor with your knees and toes on the ground.

Practice holding this with everything in-line for :10 seconds x 10 repetitions. When you can hold for :60 seconds x 10, then progress the exercise by lifting your knees.

YouTube Preview Image

That’s it. My 2-Step Pushups-Are-A-Cinch Method. Work it, rock it, and go get some sexy toned arms.

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