Valencia Fitness Trainer John Bocobo’s Quick And Effective: 10 x 10 Travel Workout Method

Whenever I travel or go on vacation I like to workout. It keeps my energy up and helps to offset ‘on-the-road’ eating.

Don’t get things twisted. It’s not like I spend hours in the gym when I travel, nor could I even eat like that Man V Food guy. To be honest with you I prefer to keep it short and intense so I can get on with the business of checking out the city I’m in.

One of my favorite ‘travel workout’ formats is the 10 x 10 Butt-Kicker Method.

Here’s how it works. Pick a total-body exercise then choose a cardio or core move. You’ll do 10 repetitions of the total-body exercise then follow it up immediately with :60 of the cardio or core move. Repeat the sequence for 10 rounds.

Can I just say ‘Woo baby! You’re gonna feel this.’

I like to go with a total-body exercise because it works a ton of muscles at once and gets your heart-rate up. Both of which cranks up your fat-burning metabolism.

Here’s some of my favorite total-body fat blasters:

  1. Squat Push Press aka ‘Superstar’
  2. Pushup Mountain Climber Burpee
  3. Suspension Trainer Pushup Jump Lunge

The second move is meant to be what I call “active rest”. If you’ve been to my boot camp in the Santa Clarita Valley active rest means the muscles you worked in the first exercise get to recover. Going with a cardio move keeps the intensity high, while doing a core move lets you catch your breath (just a little).

These are some of my favorite cardio/core moves for the 10×10:

  1. Ft Bridge Step Overs
  2. Jump Rope
  3. Russian Twists

Check out the video below for a 10×10 we did recently in NorCal.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, I did mention that this workout is quick. That’s because you have to GET-AFTER-IT when you do it. No cruise-control. Remember, you’ve got sights and sounds to see : )

Rock on Fit Body’s,


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