Could It Really Be Possible To Succeed At Anything In Life By Eating Pig Brains?

A few weeks ago I went home for my mom’s 70th birthday party. I was really excited because I’d get to spend time with my family, see old friends, and eat some really good food. What I expected to be a typical family birthday got turned into a production with toasts (I was one of the toasters), candle ceremony, and a photo booth!

WARNING!! If you are sqeemish about off-the-beaten-path eats then DO NOT CONTINUE READING. CLOSE YOUR BROWSER NOW!

Here’s where the party got interesting…for me and my family members courageous enough to follow my lead. We had a beautiful whole roasted pig at the party, and believe me when I tell you I had my share of the choice parts.

There was something that seemed odd though. All the guests pretty much polished off the carcass but in my eyes there were still things to be eaten. Mind you, I consider myself pretty brave when it comes to food but I can honestly say there are some parts of the pig I hadn’t tried. Well…no better time than now.

I soon found myself with a cartoonish meat cleaver in one hand and a chefs knife in the other.  Strangely, my hands seemed to know what to do as they manipulated the knives on the pig’s skull, and I soon found myself face-to-face with a huge heaping helping of roasted brain.

My brother and cousins heard the commotion I was making and came to see what I was up to. One look into their eyes was all they needed to know I was taking them on an Andrew Zimmern experience.

On the count of 3, we 4 brain-virgins went down the hatch. I pressed the brains to the roof of my mouth while the words “it’s supposed to taste creamy” kept re-playing in my head. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. It took a while to register the taste, and then I had it. It tasted like cold fat.

This started a food orgy as we dove in for the following tidbits:

  1. eyeball (really tasty)
  2. tongue (if you’ve had it before, it’s pretty good)
  3. snout (a lot like fresh pork rind)
  4. foot (okay)
  5. tail (just nasty, like putting charcoal in your mouth)
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After the shenanigans, me and my band of foodies found our way to the front of the house with my suspension trainer (gotta burn what we ate right?)

My brother and cousins took turns trying out different exercises like pull combos, pike pushups, pistol squats, and burpee lunges.

The fun got kicked up quickly with the arrival of my dad, who said he could hear us laughing from the backyard. He stood by for a while watching us do the suspension trainer thing, THEN stepped in to give it a go.

I love my dad’s spirit. He’s 72 and enthusiastically gives new things a try. My cousins and I cheered him on as he tried suspension pushups, pullups, and even pistol squats!

I shared these moments with you is because of something I heard at my boot camp in Santa Clarita by two looky-loos that just completely got under my skin.

“Oh that looks too hard for me. I could never do any of those things.”

Are you kidding me!?

You’ve just taken yourself out of the game before you even got started.

This is especially aggravating to me because Fit Body Boot Camp is inside a gymnastics facility where parents encourage their kids to do their best,yet go easy on themselves.

What kind of example is that?

Success, at fitness or anything has a lot to do with believing you can do it. Yes or yes?

Look. You already know things in life are gonna be hard and uncomfortable. You could simply hold onto your disempowering thoughts, but I guarantee you’ll still be in the same place saying the same things months and years from now.

Be bigger than that, step outside of yourself, let go of your limiting beliefs, and kick some butt.

Doing that rewarded me with some new foods that I like, and gave my dad some new exercises to try.

Leave me a comment below, and let me know how you’ve crushed self-defeating thoughts : )


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