Two Guys Told Me To ‘Just Be Cool’

Two days ago we held a Grand Opening charity event for Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp, called Burn Fat For Firefighters.

It was  an exciting morning and I didn’t quite grasp the scope of how cool the day was until later in the evening when my GF and I kicked our feet up and enjoyed a sippy-sip of Chalone Sauv Blanc.

I was really amazed at the outpouring of support from my boot campers, the staff at Wallers’ Gym Jam, our local sponsors: Jamba Juice, Just Between Us Boutique,  Grace & Joy Photography, Leslie the Chef, and people I didn’t even know who simply heard about our cause from their friends.

We ended up raising money for widows and children of fallen firefighters, getting a bunch of people on board for a 6 Week Summer Slimdown, and giving away some really awesome prizes.

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Getting back to the glass of Sauv Blanc…

I got a little reflective in my down time, and I realized I got to experience something my mentors Bedros Keuillian and Steve Hochman taught me ‘Just Be Cool’.

It’s pretty straight forward but it has a lot to do with the reason our boot camp feels more like a family and less like a class at THE GYM.

It’s also why many people say Fit Body is more like their personal sanctuary.

Not to mention that I don’t wear camo or the drill sargeant hat or yell in your face during fat burning workouts. Don’t get me wrong I bring the energy, but it’s something you just have to experience.

Just Be Cool : )


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