The Survival Lesson Hidden In A Chick Flick

Yesterday was one of those lazy Sunday’s, and hanging out with the AC on sounded like the best thing since sliced bread. So my GF and I had a movie day and watched Bridesmaids.

I gotta say I enjoyed this movie. It was funny, and packed a hidden lesson in it.

The main character Annie, reminded me of people I’ve known, as well as myself (at one point). You see Annie was a grand-champion at playing the Blame Game.

The rules are super simple:

Blame everything else around you for what’s wrong in your life

Don’t accept any of the responsibility for the way your life is

High-level Blame Game players are also good at making excuses. It helps to ease the burden of responsibility and accountability.

Here are some of their classics:

  • My business failed because the economy sucks
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend left me so relationships suck
  • I didn’t lose weight because that fat loss program sucks, etc.

Eventually people get so far down the rabbit hole that they look at everything with crap goggles. It’s a funny thing that happens because Blame Gamer’s become crap magnets. Pretty soon everything starts to suck because that’s the energy you put out there and the universe responds to your order by sending a whole bunch of crap your way.

The hardest thing for so many people stuck in this position is getting out of their own way. I came to this realization a few years ago when I came across the work of T. Harv Eker.

Annie got her deliverance too. Check it out–

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The point of all this is that your mind is very powerful, and the things you allow to stay there will steer the direction of your life if you let it. Remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat of your life.

Take control now:

  • Choose not to focus on negative thoughts. That’s not to say that you’ll never have them, just don’t allow them to sign a long-term lease in your head.
  • Hit the delete button on negative unsupportive thoughts and replace them with one’s that support what you want and where you want to go.
  • Accept responsibility for the things that don’t go your way, and figure out a way to fix what’s preventing YOU from moving forward and living the life you deserve.
  • If the solution is something you don’t know how to do then ask for help from somebody who’s succeeded at what you want to do.

I’m gonna end this with a great line from the movie Big Night–

“Bite your teeth into the ass of life and drag it to you!”

Committed to your fitness success,


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