Booty-fied and Firm-ified Workout From Newhall Personal Trainer John Bocobo

I love the gestures clients give me when they point to the parts of their body’s they’re most frustrated with. Seriously, I see the 1-Handed-Booty-Smack, the Tippy-Toe-Pirouette “Don’t you see this!?”, to something I can only describe as a cross between cracked-out Hula dancing and my dad trying to breakdance.

Message recieved. I’ve put together a quick Booty-fied and Firm-ified workout that’s packed with exercises to help you lift and firm your butt and thighs.

I gotta warn you though, this ain’t for the faint of heart or people who like to complain. If that’s not you then let’s do this.

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Booty-Fied and Firm-ified Pyramid

  1. Dumbbell frontal lunge press, drop lunge press combo/Dumbbell T-snatch
  2. Deadlift swing/Spiderman pushup
  3. 10 Speed Squat 5 yard sprint/Coffee table

This workout has 3 pairings of exercises. The first exercise in the pairings will follow the pyramid sequence of 15-30-45-60-60-45-30-15, while the second exercise in the pairings (your “rest”) will always be 15 seconds. You have a 1 minute rest in between pairings.

Scratching your head?  Let’s take a look at the first pairing:

Frontal lunge press, drop lunge press combo/T-snatch

You’d start with the lunge combo for 15 seconds, then immediately go to the T-snatch for 15 seconds. Then without resting do the lunge combo for 30 seconds and follow with 15 seconds of T-snatch. Repeat that pattern with the 45 second lunge combo 15 second T-snatch, and then 60 seconds of lunge combo with 15 seconds of T-snatch.

Don’t pat yourself on the back yet because now you’re going to do the sequence backwards!

60 seconds of work – 15 seconds “rest”, 45 seconds – 15 seconds, 30-15, then 15-15.

When you’re done take a 1 minute break then do the same sequence for the next pairing.

Let me know how you like this workout in the comment section below.


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