How To Get Better At Squats

If you ask me what my favorite exercise is to tone your butt and thighs is I’d say squats or…anything squatlike.

It wasn’t always that way though…

see when I first started bumping the weight up with my squats I freakin’ hated it. Finishing every set left me feeling like the lights were going out and I was gonna pass out. Yep I was totally the dude that had to lay on the floor with his feet elevated after every set.

See the muscles in your legs are the biggest muscles in your body, and all the blood goes there when you work them.

Don’t let that scare you out of doing squats. Here’s why…

…because the muscles are so big working them means you’ll burn more calories and see results sooner.

Squats are also terrific for lifting saggy buns off of the back of your thighs.

That’s a good thing yes or yes?

Now most peoples’ squats could use some work. The most obvious things I see at my boot camp are:

  • heels coming off the ground
  • knees caving in
  • upper body falling forward

Now before you say “Who cares?” Or “That’s how I’ve always done it” listen up.

Moving that way especially with weight is forcing your body to compensate and work harder than it has to, and in my experience that’s injury waiting to happen.

Le me introduce you to my Squat In 3-Steps Method.

1) Roll
2) Squeeze
3) Sit

Step 1 is using a foam roller to release the tension in your muscles that is lifting your heels, caving your knees in and making your upper body fall forward.

You’ll specifically target these areas:

Inner thigh
Outer thigh/IT Band
Front of the thighs

You might ask “Why can’t I just stretch?”

You can, but I’ve found the roller to be more effective at restoring length to muscles.

Step 2 Squeeze…your butt. When you see knees cave in during a squat it has a lot to do with your butt. Its supposed to control side-to-side motion of your legs but sadly in many people the glutes are weak.  Blame it on sedentary lives and work.

You’re job is to bring the strong back to your butt with an old school exercise that still does the trick…

The Hip Lift

Lay on your back, bend your knees, squeeze your butt and drive your heels into the floor. You’ll finish with your hips in the air and in-line with your knees and shoulders.

Step 3 Sit. Squats are hard for some people and the easiest thing you can do is just sit.

So many people only bend at the knees. Stop for a second…is that how you take a seat?

That same motion you use to sit in a chair (unless you’re plopping down) is what you need to bring to your squat.

Pull up a chair and do some chair squats to get the motion down. When you own it, say goodbye to the chair and hello to your new squat.

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to hear how this helps you. Leave me a comment down below.

Go put some awesome in your squats : )


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