After Holiday’s Butt Kicker Workout

Happy New Year Fit Body’s!

If you like challenging workouts like I do, you’re in for a treat.

I like to use my boot camp in the Santa Clarita valley as a “mad scientist lab” to test out fat burning workouts.

My preference is toward total-body, multiple-joint exercises for one simple reason—more muscles used = more fat burned = quicker results.

That’s a good thing yes or yes?

Well I cooked up this little butt-kicker for my early morning Fit Body’s, and at the end of the workout, I had a bunch of tired sweaty peeps saying ‘Thank you’ for the awesomeness.

It’s a metabolic workout. Which simply means it will crank your metabolism sky-high and keep it there for 24 hours after you’re done.

Allow me to introduce you to…

The After-Holiday’s Butt Kicker Workout

Here’s the breakdown:

• 6 moves

• :30 seconds for each exercise. Go directly from one to the other

• rest for :30 after 6 rounds

• repeat the sequence 4 times

These are the exercises:

  1. Dumbbell Snatch Left Side
  2. Dumbbell Snatch Right Side
  3. Grasshopper (beginner or advanced)
  4. Drop Lunge Left Side (beginner or advanced version)
  5. Drop Lunge Right Side (beginner or advanced version)
  6. Bird Dog

YouTube Preview Image

4 rounds of this little workout will take just over 12 minutes, but I promise if you get after it, you will be huffing and puffing. Not to mention that you will have cranked up your fat burning.

Now if you’re the type of person who likes to make excuses then the next part of this post may not be for you.

Apparently an email I sent out a couple days ago hit home with several people, because I got a good number of emails from folks thanking me for sharing my position on the whole New Year resolution weight loss thing.

Anyway, like I said in that email. I hate resolutions.

I believe you and I can accomplish anything we want, when we want and we don’t need the pressure of the new year or permission from the media in order to lose weight (or quit smoking or to make more money if that’s what you’re into).

So since my “down with the resolutions” email resonated with you, I got to thinking and came up with an idea!

Since what I do every day is help my clients lose weight and get into better shape I thought you’d want to know that I got inspired by your feedback and decided to create a New Year REVOLUTION fitness and fat loss program that’s going to deliver amazing results, and success will be pretty much be a sure thing.

I gotta admit I just got this idea, and I don’t have all the details of the program down yet, BUT I wanted to…

1.    Thank you for the feedback and the inspiration.

2.    Let you know to cancel your new year resolution because you’re going to want to
join me for my new year revolution 😉

Like I said, I don’t have all the details now, but like all great mad scientists I’m going to go to my drawing board and craft the most awesome weight loss and get back into shape program EVER and I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I get it together.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about my NEW YEAR REVOLUTION weight loss and back to fitness program then just shoot me an email at and let me know you want more info.

Thanks much, more to come : )


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