State of Fitness 2012

Every year around this time I like to flex my psychic powers and take a look at the state of fitness, and where I think it’s headed in the New Year.

This is really fun for me, but I have to admit sometimes it feels like my heads gonna explode because there’s just so much to think about.

So to make this super easy to digest, I distilled it down to 5 things, and put it together in one of my favorite ways to get things done…a list.

  1. Boot Camps I’m not just listing this because I own one in Santa Clarita, but the fact of the matter is that this is and will continue to be a powerful way to lose fat and keep it off. You have hi-intensity to push your metabolism sky-high, tons of variety to keep your body and mind from getting bored and plateau-ing, a bunch of people with like-minded goals who will help keep you accountable, inspiring instructors, and above all it’s a whole bunch of fun.YouTube Preview Image
  2. Streaming Workouts Ever been at the gym and said to yourself ‘What do I feel like doing today?’ OR you find yourself traveling and need something to do while you’re away to keep you on track? When you harness the power of the internet with the power of smart phones and tablets you have instant access to tons of online butt kickery. Check out one of my fave peeps BJ Gaddour below.YouTube Preview Image
  3. Small Boutique Fitness Who wants to feel like a number? If you’re a member of a big-box gym that’s exactly what you get. Now if that’s your flavor then rock on. Most people are looking for something more. They want to feel like someone actually cares about their fitness goals and is committed to help them get there. Small boutique fitness facility’s can do just that. AND there are so many out there that cater to different tastes and experiences. From spa-like to rough and tumble it’s out there.
  4. Specialized Fitness for Specialized Groups Niches is what it’s all about. This is a really fun segment of health and fitness because it caters to specific groups of people with specific needs. If you’re a military commando there’s gonna be something for you. OR let’s say you’re a healthcare professional, it’s out there. Stay at home mom with zero time for YOU? Someone out there has put together something for you too. Google it : )
  5. Organized Fun-Run Type Events There’s this thing out there called Tough Mudder. It’s like a marathon meets Ninja Warrior–pretty cool. These kinds of events are only going to get more popular. Why? You can get a bunch of your friends together, many of these events focus around obstacles which makes things more interesting for non-marathon types (myself included), it feels awesome to finish something you didn’t think you could do, and these events usually help a worthy cause.

I hope I gave you some things to think about…and just because something doesn’t work for you that just means there’s something else out there that does. Go find it and make this year your fittest year ever!


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