5 Powerful Non-Exercise Fat Loss Secrets From Valencia Fitness Trainer

Hey you just started a workout program. Wahoo congratulations!

Before you lift one more weight keep reading this because it has everything to do with you reaching your goal and nothing to do with exercise. I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight and feel better about themselves and I’ve discovered that the missing element for many who don’t achieve their goals is mindset.

I’m not going to lie to you, getting in shape is going to be hard as hell and at times downright uncomfortable. It’s the decisions you make at those moments that will steer you to success or failure.

Now, getting back to that workout program you just started…

Do not take what you did lightly. See, a lot of people would still be “just thinking about it” but you took action.

Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind if you’ve just plunged into the fat burning pool:

  1. Celebrate what you did–Give yourself a whoop whoop, who gives a crap if you look and sound ridiculous. By acknowledging your accomplishments you feed your subconscious mind “good feelings”–it’s a lot like an attention starved kid in that regard, and the more you give it what it needs, the more you’ll keep doing things for YOU.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to “them”–I mean the people in the video, at the gym, or next to you in boot camp. They were all in the same position as you once and they didn’t quit, because they saw the end result they wanted for themselves and went for it.
  3. Believe wholeheartedly that come hell or high water you will succeed–Again there’s a subconscious thing going on here. When your belief in something is strong you’ll feel it resonate inside you. That energy will move you forward when “life” gets in the way, and will also send you the solutions you need to achieve your dream. YOU just have to be open to it.
  4. Let go of past failures–People tend to dwell on those things. Well guess what? That will turn your focus to the things you don’t want in your life, and as a result life will send you more of it. You will become a crap magnet, and create a ton of self-limiting beliefs. Those things no longer serve you. Let them go and replace them with supportive thoughts and beliefs you’ll get from #5.
  5. Get self-absorbed–What I mean here is visualize you living your life the way you dream. If it’s you being 40 pounds lighter, get absorbed in every detail of what your life is like. How does it feel? How do you feel? Those thoughts and emotions you experience in visualization are the same you’d feel when you really achieve your goal. Soak up that energy. If it makes you feel good, you’ll bring that feeling to your workouts.

I realize some of this stuff may be hard to digest, but the very tools I just revealed made it possible for:

  • A young teacher who’d been rejected for life insurance because of his health, and never found a program he could stick to, to lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks, become addicted to his program, and qualify for insurance.
  • Another client of mine who is a mother of 4 who felt like she tried everything and was at her wits end to lose 14 pounds in a little over a month and feel better than she ever has in a long time.
  • This next client who is a busy mom and business owner who was sick and tired of the weight she’d gained and was stressed out about an upcoming vacation to text me that she’d gotten into pants she hadn’t worn in 3 years, and go to her get-away looking and feeling amazing.

Heck at one point in my life I experienced those very same feelings. You know what? I realized I had nothing to lose and took action.

When I did that I found that my life had lightened. I no longer felt like I was walking around with a barbell permanently attached to my shoulders.

Things started coming to me effortlessly and easily. My sense of awareness opened to the insane amount of solutions and opportunities around me.

I can see how I want my life to be and do something everyday to make it that way.

Nobody wants you to succeed at your fitness goals more than me. You’ve got to do your part too and believe in YOU.

Believe you have it in you to crush self-defeating thoughts and actions, and keep acting despite worry, fear, doubt, and those things life throws your way.

Bring the awesome!


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