So There I Was Hanging In The Air

A few weeks ago I was away at Fit Body’s annual World conference. It was a mind-blowing opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the best in the world of fitness and marketing.

The hours were long and occasionally challenging to sit through for someone who’s used to moving a lot. Fortunately I discovered something that re-energized me and you can do it too, to shake you out of the “blah’s”.

TRX was on hand and if you don’t know who they are they’re the creators of the TRX suspension trainer.

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They had a 40-40 challenge available for anyone to try:

  • 40 or more Atomic Pushups (you were done when you dropped)
  • 60 seconds of rest
  • 40 or more Low Pullups (again you were done when you droppped)

These are moves I’ve done in the past but never in this sequence, so I eagerly stepped up to the plate. I quickly fired off 33 Atomic Pushups before my arms started to rebel.

The road to 40 became a grunt-fest of 2-3 pusups, a moment to catch my breath (while hanging in the air), 2-3 more pushups, then gratefully dropping to the floor for 60 glorious but short seconds of rest. Whew…I got to 40.

Jeff, the guy from TRX set me up for the Low Pullup and was kind enough to let me know when my rest was up : /

20 pullups went by in a flash before my arms started to rebel again. Grunt then 2-3 reps, grunt then 2-3 reps. I was determined to get to 40 freakin’ pullups.

32 came, then 35. I could see my goal in sight. The grunting escalated to growling as my entire body shook to get just one more pullup. My mind kept saying “GO” but my body said “NO”. I pulled with everything I had but number 38 just wouldn’t come. I reached muscle failure and reluctantly let go of the handles. 37 low pullups.

Was I bummed? Kinda. But more importantly I was excited, because of something I did that you can model to shake off the mental  “blahs” of working out.

This applies to you if you’ve been:

  • using the same amount of weight for a month or more
  • thinking that your workouts are getting easier
  • haven’t been pushing yourself

Trust me this is a fast road to the “blahs” – that place where you’re unmotivated because there’s no mental challenge anymore.

You’ve stopped questioning if you could do it or not. You’ve gotten comfortable.

Here’s how to put a stop to it. Whenever you hear that voice that says “I could never do that” or “It’s too heavy” step up to it anyway and give it a shot. You’re capable of more than your mind will allow you to believe.

We are at our best, and grow the most when we are challenged and striding forward to achieve something. Crush the “blahs” step up to the unknown.

In the words of Lance Armstrong:

“I now have only good days, or great days.”

Crush it,


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