#1 Tip To Fast Track Sexy Arms

Do you wish your arms were a little firmer and didn’t jiggle so much?

Can you remember the last time you were happy with the way your arms looked?

Spring is here in Santa Clarita, and if you want to walk tall and proud with a sexy pair of arms here’s one thing you can do now…lift weights.

No I’m not talking about standing in front of a mirror and doing bicep curls. ┬áNo I’m not talking about grabbing that chewed up rope for tricep extensions.

I’m talking about more bang-for-your-buck stuff. You’re going to pull and push.

Bang-for-your-buck moves use the big muscles of your back, chest, shoulders, and core. These big muscles do pushing and pulling moves, and just happen to need your biceps and triceps to help out. Some moves even use your legs to crank the fat burning even more!

You benefit twice from this approach.

1. By using big muscles you burn more fat, which means less time doing long boring cardio.
2. Working the big muscles pre-exhausts the biceps and triceps so you don’t have to do so much isolated work, like curls and extensions.

For pulling moves think pullups, dumbbell rows, suspension rows and single leg single arm rows.

Pushing type moves can be T-pushups, plank presses, suspension pushups and Rip Trainer punches.

If you’re ready to put some sexy on your arms like we do at Fit Body Boot Camp …

…here’s one way to put it together:

50-10 Sexy Arms Workout

  • Perform each exercise for 50 seconds
  • You have 10 seconds to transition to the next exercise
  • Switch sides halfway where noted
  • Do the entire circuit 3-4 times

  1. Shake The Tree Pullups: If you don’t have the strength to do full pullups, you can do an inverted version (see video).
  2. Plank Presses
  3. Suspension Frontal Plank 1 Arm Pull switch sides halfway
  4. 1 Arm Dumbbell Clean and Press: switch arms halfway
  5. Medicine Ball T-Slams

YouTube Preview Image

Go put some sexy on your arms!


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