Santa Clarita Boot Camp Discovers Clean Eating Gem Green Bites Cafe

I was writing this post from 30,000 feet in the air as I flew back to SoCal after a birthday getaway to here. Whenever I travel the fitness bug in me can’t help but…

1. Workout (I always pack a suspension trainer)
2. Find places that help me eat clean

Done and done.

I’ll share one of the workouts I did a little later, but first I want to tell you about this cool little place my GF and I found while we were driving around “looking for a place to eat” LOL.

Green Bites Cafe is a tiny little place just outside of downtown San Jose. Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out.

You know those “oohs” and “ahhhs” little kids make in the toy store? That was Melissa and I as we looked at the menu. We wanted to try everything.

This place is all about “clean eating” and the cool thing is if you’re traveling in
the area or just don’t feel like rolling up your chef sleeves they’ve got you covered.

Green Bites Cafe has two menus…a “regular” menu and a bodybuilders menu. We ordered 2 items off of the bodybuilders menu.

-Bodybuilders burrito
-Competition omelette

Now before you start saying “I’m not a bodybuilder John” let me explain.

Bodybuilders have been eating clean for a long time. It’s what they do to get ready for competition.

Now that eating clean has become more popular among “real people” like you and me from Santa Clarita to San Jose, we can benefit from what’s been working for years to help burn fat.

In case you’re not in the know, eating clean comes down to

  • eliminating processed and artificial foods
  • reducing sugar and salt
  • choosing organic fruits and vegetables when necessary
  • opting for whole grain carbs
  • selecting grass fed and free range animal protein sources

Let me just tell you. The burrito and omelette were delicious. They make this chimichurri type sauce on the side that I could have just taken straight shots of. But that’s not the only thing that got us excited about Green Bites Cafe.

Are you ready for this?

They have portion controlled meals! This totally takes the guesswork out of “How much should I be eating?”

How awesome is that?!

You can get your meals in 4, 6, and 8 oz sizes for carb, veggie, and your choice of Ray’s Chicken (pretty freakin’ tasty), tilapia (also really good), and sirloin steak.

Green Bites takes the excuses away if you don’t feel like cooking or have no clue in the kitchen, if you’re pressed for time, and if you find yourself asking “How much and what should I be eating?”

Now if they were only in SoCal : /

If that wasn’t cool enough, here’s the next thing that got Mel and I all twitterpated over Green Bites…they have gluten free foods.

Say “adios” to that bloated feeling, stomach discomfort, headaches, and other not so fun stuff that comes with gluten intolerance. You now have choices! Just browse through the menu or let them know you need your food gluten free, and your wish is their command.

Can I get a “WAHOO”?!

So if you live in the area or happen to find yourself in San Jose, California, swing on by and say “Hi” to the really friendly lady named Fenny and the rest of the cool peeps at Green Bites Cafe at 1290 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose Ca or check them out at

By the way, if you LOVE coffee like I do they also make really good coffee (Lavazza). Go there already ; )

The stewardess has asked me to turn off my electronic devices now, so till next time…Peace


PS – As promised here’s that workout I mentioned

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