34 Pounds, 3 Sizes, and 6% Bodyfat Later (CASE STUDY)

Just 2 months ago Nicole McCreery dropped two jean sizes (she mistakenly got her jeans from the junior section) in our members-only 8-Week Game Changer Challenge!

Hearing about challenge results is always cool but I think it’s even more important to know what got our clients started and what happened once the challenge ends.

That’s what I want to share with you here.

Way before Nicole lost inches and weight she found herself always tired, stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and depressed. She gave everything she had to everyone else around her and nothing to herself.

Nicole hated looking in the mirror because her pant size reminded her how fat and unsexy she felt. So to unwind from it all she would have her chai latte’s every morning and cider and wine at night, only to start the whole cycle over again the very next day.

Then the universe stepped in with a messenger, Nicole’s friend and Fit Body Boot Camper Carla, who told her about what she was doing and invited her to come and check it out.

It’s a funny thing that happens when you decide to elevate your life. Your old life does everything it can to keep you from leaving, like making you say…

“I don’t have time for this.”

“This is going to be hard.”

“What time did you say I had to get up? Isn’t it still dark at that hour?”

It’s a good thing Nicole told that voice to shut up, because that was the start of her boot camp journey with us.

Now for someone who’d joined gyms in the past, had trainers in the past, and attended group classes regularly you might ask “What’s gonna be different this time around?”

Nicole discovered it was the camaraderie at boot camp that got her motivated and kept her motivated.

She said, “At FBBC, we laugh, cry and grunt together as we are all feeling the same pain and awesomeness together; no matter if this is your first day or your 700th day.”

Something else that made the difference for Nicole was the personal touch and motivation given to each person by the coaches. She says it “…is always encouraging and done with a true desire to make you your best. If I am not pushing myself hard enough they push me harder, knowing my capabilities.”

All that pushing and camaraderie led Nicole to take things to another level by entering the challenge programs at boot camp, and like I said at the start of this story Nicole dropped 2 sizes just 2 months ago.

The bigger picture is that she never stopped after the challenge and since that time has gone on to lose a total of 34 pounds, 3 sizes, and 6% bodyfat!

I asked Nicole what she feels like now and here’s what she said…

“I’m happier, sexier, and more positive in my whole life journey. I’m addicted to getting myself to the gym 5 days a week, sometimes 6. I am a new person!

If tired, stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, and depressed are how you feel at the end of your day, and maybe you’re in a situation where you give and give to everyone but yourself, I feel your frustration.

Now just might be the time to reach out and shoot me an email (SCFitBody@gmail.com). Tell me how I can help you. Whatever you do YOU are NOT stuck.

Committed to your success,


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