She Lost 30 Pounds Twice?!

Sounds crazy right? This is the story of my client Carla, a mom and teacher in Santa Clarita.

Carla is a down-to-the-core, hardwired, deep in her DNA “nightowl” who called me “INSANE” for suggesting she come check us out at our 5:30am boot camp session.  I believe the words she said were “That’s impossible!”

Sprinkle in some limiting beliefs like feeling worried that the workout would be too hard, that she wouldn’t be able to keep up, that she would look stupid, that the trainer (me??) would be the yelling type.

Lots of people would say “Nope, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing” – but how do you allow yourself to continue down that road when the daily dialogue with yourself goes like this…

“I was very unhappy with my weight, the way my body looked and the way my clothes fit! I was tired of buying bigger clothes! I did get some regular exercise…using an elliptical at home, but I definitely wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”

So in 2012, Carla had had enough and she started boot camp.  She lost 20lbs in 20 weeks! At first she was sorta discouraged that the weight was coming off so slowly, but then when 20 weeks passed and she realized she’d lost 20lbs, Carla was ecstatic!

“It was the lowest weight I had been in FOREVER!! Then I went on to lose 10 more pounds in the next couple of months.”

Then 2013 came and turned Carla’s life upside down. Her mom passed away. She began slowly, steadily gaining weight again (about 12 pounds). She never stopped working out, she just went to bootcamp less frequently.  Her clothes were too tight but she refused to buy bigger ones because a part of her  KNEW she could get back down to where she had been for so long.

The thing about tough times is they always come to pass. It’s just when we’re neck-deep in it we sometimes lose sight of that fact and stay stuck. In some strange way that stuck-ness becomes the new normal. That’s the way it went for Carla until 2015!

Once again she had had enough and did something about it. She jumped full-force into our Members-Only  8-Week Game Changer challenge and began working out consistently again, started to eat better with personalized macros and specific meal plan, and began to look at the things in her life that were holding her back from reaching the success she wanted!

To put it mildly Carla got re-focused and “I had a fabulous experience! I am back to a 30 pound weight loss…from 162 to 132! When I started in 2012, I was squeezing into size 14 jeans and now I wear a 6 or 8!! I feel GREAT!”

I’m totally proud of Carla not just for crushing her goals, but for doing it twice. Her story is something that happens to many people. They achieve a goal, then LIFE happens and they get whisked away in the tidal wave of it all, and lose themselves. It takes a lot to dig inside and pull yourself out of the dark and I wanted to know what Carla’s secret was.

“Give it a try!! You just might love it!!

I never thought I would be motivated enough to get up early and workout before school, but I do! Sure the workouts can be hard, but the trainers will modify any specific exercise for all abilities and intensity levels! Before you know it, you will be able to take it up a notch!

You have no idea how much you are capable of!!

You are not too out-of shape or too old to do this! At 44, I am in the best shape of my life…feeling STRONG, lean and very happy!”

Whether you’re on the other side of this screen going back and forth about doing something or you’ve achieved your goals only to let life have its way with you, I want to invite you to consider this one thing. Yes life will deal you a bad hand sometimes but that is not the signal for you to stop living, give up on yourself, and checkout from life.

Take a page from Carla’s story and don’t count yourself out. Like she said, “You have no idea how much you’re capable of.” If you feel like NOW is your time and you’ve had enough just give me a call (661 505-8193). Tell me how I can help you change your story and say “hello” to the best version of you.

Committed to your success,


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