How This Mom of 2, Slid Back Into Her Bikini


  • You have two small kids
  • ZERO time for yourself
  • A full-time J-O-B
  • You’re not happy with your fitness but doing nothing to change it
  • You have trouble falling asleep
  • and you’re seriously lacking energy

What would you do to change your situation and get back into shape?

Santa Clarita mom Amber Tyndall, told all that stuff to “go take a hike” and got herself up for 5:30am boot camp. Was it easy? Heck no.

Amber found herself going back and forth about the time committment and being able to go on a consistent basis. Then of course there was that 5:30 time…“I’d never worked out that early, but it was the only time I knew I could attend daily.”

On top of that throw in a goal that would seem totally out of reach…

“I wanted to be carefree in a bikini again and didn’t feel like that was doable.”

So what happens when you attend boot camp daily?

Amber says she has energy and sleeps SO much better. “I also have muscle definition back for the first time since having children and it feels great.”

Then she sent me this

Amber Bikini Msg

She made the impossible, possible and she’ll be the first to tell you how she did it. “Fit Body isn’t an extreme 8 week challenge where you see dramatic results and immediately return to the same bad habits. It is a lifestyle change, and once you stick with it the results mentally and physically are extraordinary.”

So how can you have a turnaround story for yourself?

  1. Put a big smackdown on limiting self-talk. That voice is always going to be there. The difference is when you are able to take action despite what that voice tells you.
  2. Have a goal that means something to YOU. Something that will make you reach to get it, and believe that it’s possible.
  3. Commit yourself to doing the daily work on your mind and your body. No matter what.

That’s it. Three simple things that can change your life. If getting back into shape has been eating away at you, and you’re ready for change give me a call (661 505-8193), come try a workout on me. Let’s work together to make your dream a reality.

-Committed to your success,


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