100 Pounds and No More Crying in the Fitting Room

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Grant Cardone talks about becoming unreasonable and obsessed about your goals in his book “The 10X Rule” because for many people stuck where they are that is the level of action it takes to get you out of stuck and live a super-life.

My client Alyson Morris is doing exactly that. This Santa Clarita mom and accountant is on a weight loss mission, and nothing is going to stop her. But to know Alyson’s story you gotta know where she started.

When you’ve struggled with weight all your life, diets and diet pills become a way of life, even though none of it really works long-term. Three kids later and an abusive marriage lead Alyson to blow-up to 240lbs leaving her tired, depressed, and just feeling like giving up on life.

She took a step in getting herself back by divorcing her husband and after some soul-searching did the only thing she’d known, get started on one of those pre-packaged food diets. Alyson had a 40 pound weight loss doing that with a combination of walking and eventually jogging. The Universe really smiled on Alyson when she “found the love of my life!”

Then something happened that happens to lots of people, Alyson got comfortable. Suddenly a few pounds here and there stop mattering because “I love you the way you are, honey” – soon the daily run got put off till tomorrow, and replaced with eating out and cocktails.

But life wasn’t done with Alyson yet:

“Life started throwing curve balls at us left and right, some good some bad. I was eating more and drinking alcohol to cope with stress. Eventually I was buying bigger clothes and crying in the fitting room when nothing looked good on me. In 4 years I had made it back up to 235lbs.”

The girl  who was passionate about singing since she was 5, didn’t want to get on stage and sing with her band! She was afraid to go out because she didn’t want anyone she knew to see her with all the weight she gained back. Our songbird was falling into a deep depression and becoming a recluse.

It took a YEAR of Alyson telling herself she had to do something before she hit rock bottom and said “I deserve to be healthy, happy, and fit” and gave me a call.

Her first day at boot camp was January 2015, she was a bundle of nerves…

“I didn’t know if I would be able to do a single pushup let alone make it through an entire workout.”

“I’m here on my own without a workout partner and someone to help push me along.”

“I don’t know anyone, I feel out of place.”

When you get unreasonable and obsessed with your goals all that head-talk don’t mean a thing. Alyson lost 16 pounds in her first 6-week boot camp challenge, then another 20 in a members-only 8-week challenge. Since that nerve wracked day in January she’s lost over 50 pounds, 6% bodyfat, and 5 sizes on her way to her huge goal of 100 pounds.

More than that you can see Alyson’s got some swagger back. “I’ve gone from barely being able to do a pushup on my knees to busting out several on my toes, from feeling like I was going to die after a few squats to squatting with 50 lb dumbells IN EACH HAND:)


Alyson ripping 40lbs off the floor for a dumbbell snatch at boot camp.

I have learned about what foods should be going into my body and have become obsessive about counting my macros LOL:) I have changed my life for the better!”

If there’s anything I want you to walk away from this story with it’s this: Get obsessed with your goals. Be unreasonable about your goals.

It will super-size the effort, commitment, and drive you have on your journey to achieving your goals. You’re going to need that when life throws you curveballs and you start questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing. Even your friends and family will get in on the act of sabotaging you. “Why don’t you take a day off?” “Aren’t you doing too much?” are just some of the things you’ll hear.

Does any of what you just read ring true deep inside of you? If there’s a “yes” in there no matter how small, send me an email at SCFitBody@gmail.com. Tell me about your story and how I can help you.

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