“Don’t Back Away”

That’s my own personal quote of the day that came into my head this morning…

“Don’t back away.”


What do I mean by that?

I’m talking about something you’ve done and I’ve done that erodes your confidence and sends you cowering back into a dark hole of unfullfillment.

You know those goals and dreams you have? Those incredible things that are freely and abundantly born from our imaginations that allow us to live and be the greatest expression of us.

Yeah those things that we back away from when we go for it and fall on our asses. That we allow that scared little voice inside us to say “You know what that’s too hard. You can’t do that. You should do something more realistic.”

Don’t back away.

I’ll borrow a page from my life circa Johnny at 17 on a skateboard. I fell off my board, cut open and bashed my shins, caught a few skateboards to the crotch, broke a few boards, twisted ankles, and let loose with rivers of F-bombs.

And sometimes this was all in one day! Why because I made up my mind that I was going to land an Ollie-kickflip over a gap (jumping my board off a sidewalk, over an embankment while flipping it, and landing on the asphalt at the bottom).

Nothing else mattered. Anything less was unacceptable. I had to do it.

Some friends urged me to keep trying it, and some tried to get in my ear with that’s too hard.

I must have gone after that trick a hundred times, looking like an obsessed idiot flinging myself over the edge. In my delirium of again, again, again I heard the solid “THOCK” of my wheels landing solidly on the ground.

HOLY SH**! I landed it!

Man do you know what that did for my confidence? I just showed that unsure, unconfident little Johnny inside me that too-hard was possible.


And that’s what I invite you to do for yourself starting today. Don’t back away from the goals, dreams, and whispers of inspiration that are telling you “do it” – let it be the force that guides you to success today : )

If you could use some help learning not to back away and going after your goals give me a holler at SCFitBody@gmail.com.

Much love!


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