From “Fat Mommy” to “Badass Mommy” (CASE STUDY)

“I love you my fat mommy.”

Many of you with young kids know they don’t often say things to be hurtful, they’re just speaking the truth.

For Santa Clarita mother of four Jennifer Shaffer this was what her son would say and it’s who she became – “Fat. Sad. Mommy.”

She was feeling overweight and tired.

At the end of most days she was left with no will or want to do things with her kids who wanted to play soccer and run around.

When this is how your life is you’d find it hard to be “happy mommy” right?

Then you entertain the idea of working out and you start to think…

“I’m 36 it’s too late for me to be happy fit and healthy.”

“I’m out of shape and past my prime.”

“It’s gonna take so long and it’s probably not gonna even work.”

When you’re in this place and you want to do something but not quite sure, Les Brown has a great quote that hopefully will compel you to take action…

“If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it.”

That is exactly what Jennifer did.

She stepped onto the big blue floor at Fit Body Boot Camp in May 2016.

Jen put so much into her workouts she looked like she was fighting for something.

A few months later she took things to another level when she took a spot in a brand new 6-week program called The Girls Night Out Experience.

Everything seemed to fall into place at that point.

Stepping back to take a look at what she’s accomplished, Jen has…

-lost 53 pounds

-she’s no longer “fat mommy” her kids now call her “bada** mommy”

-goes on runs with her kids and her husband Ryan

-things that used to be painful and tiring are now enjoyable

-and she’s got some new muscle tone everywhere


We wanted to hear from Jen what made her finally get off the fence and decide to do something and here’s what she told us…

“Get off your a** and do it.

Because it will be the best thing that you can ever do for yourself, that will ultimately be the best thing that you do for your family.

Because happy mommy is happy family and there’s nothing better than that.”

If you’re ready to get off your a** give us a call 661 505-8193.

We’d love to hear your story and see how we can help you start your own transformation.

Much love and aloha!


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