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—-Now You Can Copy Their EXACT Fitness and Fat Loss Formula
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My Personal Guarantee To You

Okay so I know you might think the photos you’ll see below are faked or Photoshopped in some way, but I guarantee they are not. They are real people from the Santa Clarita Valley who I personally trained for 6 short weeks. Yeah, you heard me–just 6 weeks. I guarantee they haven’t been air brushed or re-touched whatsoever. Just real people, doing real work, getting real results.

Dear Friend,

How would you like to lose weight, boost your metabolism, and tone your entire body faster than you ever thought possible?

How about a complete body transformation in just 6 WEEKS?

I know that’s a pretty bold statement to make, but hear me out for a minute okay?

Hi my name is John Bocobo. I’m a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp, and creator of the 6 Week Belly Blast.

I’m really proud to say that we’re the top boot camp facility in the Santa Clarita Valley, but you know what? I’m even more proud to say that in over 12 years as a fitness professional I’ve been fortunate enough to help people just like you achieve some awesome results and lose hundreds of pounds.

Life wasn’t always a bed of roses. In fact over a year ago I wasn’t in very good shape. I woke up 2 days after Christmas with double-vision! In a week my condition worsened and I lost control of my limbs and needed help to walk.

Going from a vibrant fitness-professional to total dependence on my family sunk me into a deep and heavy sadness — adding to my burden, my team of doctor’s diagnosed me with atypical Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare virus I knew nothing about.

What was I in for? How long would it take to get better? Could I get better?

Fortunately I found peace in my determination to regain control of my body, and began daily exercises that had to get a lot done in a short time, because I could barely get through less than 5-minutes of exercises without gasping for breath.

LIke a phoenix I rocketed from the lifeless ashes of darkness and in 1 week…I was able to walk on my own!

It took a year to fully recover and in that time I had an “ah-ha” moment: the short and quick exercise routines I put together could help other people with little-time go through their own dramatic changes too.

Your fat-burning, body toning workouts are not something I simply cobbled together while I was sick. They are the total application of knowledge learned from 8 years of studying from world-class health and fitness pioneers from Asia, Europe, and the United States, and mastering the craft of creating fitness programs that deliver results.

Now I feel it is my purpose in life to help people truly live the life they deserve by experiencing the absolute best I have to offer.

But enough about me, check out what Crystal did in just 6 weeks!

————————-“I lost 6 inches from my waist!”

——————–Here’s What You Can Expect:

——————————————————–15-30 pounds of weight loss
——————————————————–5-8 inches off your waist
——————————————————–Firmer arms, legs, thighs, and buns
——————————————————–Increased strength, energy, and stamina
——————————————————–Faster metabolism to burn more fat at rest
——————————————————–Tighter, flatter abs – means smaller waist
——————————————————–3-6% decrease in body fat
——————————————————–Look and feel ten years younger
——————————————————–Lose the uncomfortable “bloated” feeling
——————————————————–Look and feel better in your favorite clothes

————“I lost 8 pounds of fat and broke my P90X plateau.”

All in only 6 weeks. This is all true – have you watched the video yet? DO IT AGAIN!

————–This Program Is Unlike Anything You Have Seen

This is the same 6 week step by step program that got the above results, but *REVVED-UP*.

—————————“I lost 3 inches off my waist.”

The Secret Blend

Okay, so you know how the Colonel from KFC has a secret blend of herbs and spices? Just like the Colonel I’ve got a secret blend too. Well it’s not really a blend of herbs and spices, but I do have secret fat loss techniques which I will be sharing with you during your 6 week Belly Blast program. You will be receiving multiple emails per week from me personally with tips and techniques to enhance your fat loss.
(But I will swear you to secrecy…)

————————–“I lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks!”

———-How The 6 Week Body Transformation Came to Be

I was approached by a local teacher who was getting married in 7 weeks, and desperately didn’t want to be “the fat guy” in his wedding pictures. I sat him down and explained that we’d be using some really aggressive strategies (we only had 6 weeks), and I’d commit to help him only if he was 100% committed to working his butt off.

He came in at 216 pounds and wanted to weigh-in under 200 for his big day.

I must have gotten him pretty fired-up during that conversation because he ended up bringing his fiance to their first workout.

I remember them both telling me how sore they were after that first day, but I told them how much I admired their energy in class, and the fact that they were doing it together would help them achieve some awesome results.

They came to class 6 days a week for 6 weeks. In the end our local teacher and soon to be newlywed weighed in at…193 pounds! His fiance didn’t do too bad herself. She lost 3 inches from her waist and had to have her dress taken in.

The program I put together for them got some very impressive results and I’m really grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Isquierdo for giving me the makings of my 6 Week Body Transformation Program.

—————This ain’t My First Time on a Bike

I have crafted many rapid fat loss programs in the past, but now I have the formula nailed down. I mean just look at this…

————————————–“I lost 22 pounds

——————–and went from a size 14 down to a size 8.”

I’ve put together the most effective pieces to create a truly unique fitness & fat loss program. I call it my “I’m Unstoppable Method” for fitness success.

—————————————————-I’M UNSTOPPABLE METHOD

Strength Training:
Where do I begin with the problems associated with dieting? Let’s just say that metabolic decrease is one of the biggest. We completely conquer this phenomenon with our cutting-edge metabolic strength training program. It involves circuit / interval style training that’s maximized for fat loss and strengthening.
Value: $997

Cardio Training:
Most cardio training is just a huge blah. Not only is it boring but it is ineffective. Not any more. By changing variables such as intensity, duration and workout timing we have boosted the fat burning capabilities of cardio training by 200%.
Value: $347

Ever heard “You are what you eat”? Well, if you eat mostly soft doughy food chances are you probably are soft and doughy. On the other hand if you eat fresh and vibrant foods, you gotta feel pretty amazing. Yes or yes? Look, I cannot “out train” bad nutrition. Here’s the deal, your nutrition has to be dialed-in for everything else to work. By manipulating macro nutrients (fat, carbs and protein) and by limiting the calories consumed we have created a detailed fat loss nutrition plan that will keep the fat falling off you for 6 weeks straight.
Value: $247

Motivational Success Coaching:
Ah yes, our top-secret key to success. This is no BS “glad-handing atta boy” motivation. I have studied and learned from top success coaches like T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Robbins to keep your head in the game. Weekly coaching sessions will keep you on track for long-term success.
Value: $867


That’s right, I could easily charge over $2200 for this incredibly effective 6 week program. But you aren’t going to pay anywhere near that. As a matter of fact it is less than a third of that, so keep reading…

And it keeps getting better, just take a look at Rob…

——————–“I went from 216 pounds to 193 pounds!”

———-So, I Really Need to Know – Are You Ready?

Are you ready to...

  • Drop 10-30 pounds of fat?
  • Lose 4-8 inches off your waist
  • Have you clothes falling off of you?
  • Completely change the way you look and feel?

————————All in only 6 weeks time?

This Program is *NOT* for everyone, So Before You Say ‘I Want In’, Read This…

If you want to be a part of this program you have to be serious and absolutely committed.


Here is the thing, I am only going to accept the first 15 (qualified) people that apply. That is because you will receive a high level of attention, and that, requires a great deal of my time.

So only 15. After that I’m shutting the doors.

You will be weighed in and completely measured at my facility by me prior to the start of the program. This includes “before” pictures.THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL

————————-Well…Are You Ready?

—————–Dates & Schedule – & What You Are

————————–Getting Yourself Into

Program Start Date:

Saturday January 15th

Weigh in Dates:
Monday January 10th through Friday January 14th

Training Sessions:
You will be part of a group that meets Monday through Saturday. If you talk to any of our members who get amazing results they’ll be the first to tell you they come at least 5 days a week.

We know you are busy (who isn’t?), that’s why we have sessions starting at 5:30am and 8:30am Monday-Friday, and Saturday’s at 8:00am. We definitely have a time that will fit your schedule. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

You will be given a full nutrition and overall program guide at your weigh in. This will include a full program breakdown including food choices and calorie recommendations.

The coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly. The exact days and times will be provided during the program. You will call me at your designated coaching time. Once your coaching session day and time is set up that will be your day and time for the duration of the program. You will have 15 minutes with me personally to coach you through any challenges you are facing with your 6 Week Program.

The Secret Blend
Just like KFC’S Colonel I have a secret blend of herbs and spices. Well it is not really herbs and spices, but I do have secret fat loss techniques which I will be sharing with you during the 6 Week Belly Blast. You will be receiving multiple emails per week from me personally with tips and techniques to enhance your fat loss. This will make what are usually times of extreme stress and overeating manageable and survivable (plus you’ll be leaner too!).

——————————Okay John, I’m Convinced…

————————How Much Will It Cost Me to attend?

As I said, I could easily charge as much as $2200 for this program.

…but, you won’t pay $2200 to change your life. You won’t even pay $1200 to learn these cutting-edge secrets and tactics for creating the body and health of your dreams..

In fact, I want to make sure that EVERY person who truly wants to change their life has the opportunity to do so, so I have dropped the the registration fee really low… $247!

At that price I am almost GIVING THIS AWAY.

Yep, $247 gets to drop 15-30 pounds, 5-8 inches and completely transform your body (and your life) all in only 6 weeks. I only have 15 slots open, so take action to secure your spot.

By the way, I wanted to make this interesting , so here is what I am going to do:

Whoever has the biggest change (body fat loss and inch loss) in the 6 weeks. Will receive…

——————————————1 FREE YEAR OF BOOT CAMP (VALUED AT $2964)

Are you kidding me?

The challenge is on, so again I ask… ARE YOU READY?

This program will change your life, and I am here to help. The body and health of your dreams is waiting. 

–>Do not Hesitate – Secure Your Spot Now – Call 661 505-8193

Committed to your fitness success,

John Bocobo

Fit Body Boot Camp

Santa Clarita, Ca

661 505-8193

PS – Don’t forget I’m only taking on 15 people for this program so call me now–661 505-8193.

PPS: Cynthia took her 6 week results to a whole new level. She has gone on to lose over 40 pounds! She has never been so lean and healthy. Are you ready?

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