6 Week Slim Down

Welcome to the 6 Week Slim Down, and pat yourself on the back for being a huge action-taker.

Click below for your eat-it and lose-it meal plan. You’ll use the Ultimate Jumpstart Plan for the first 4 weeks, then switch to the 16 Day Plan for the last 2 weeks.

FBBC Ultimate Jumpstart Nutrition Plan (Men’s)

FBBC Ultimate Jumpstart Nutrition Plan (Women’s)

FBBC 16 Day Sexy Slimdown

FBBC 16 Day Sexy VEGAN

This meal plan is pretty straight forward, but if you do have any questions email SCFitBody@gmail.com.

I’m totally psyched to see you rock this program!

Always committed to your fitness success,


Check out what happened to some of these boot campers who continued the program.

Crystal from Santa Clarita lost 6 inches from her waist

Cynthia from Santa Clarita lost 40 pounds

Pearl from Santa Clarita lost 3 inches from her waist for her wedding

Rob from Santa Clarita lost 25 pounds for his wedding

Norma from Valencia lost 8 pounds of fat and broke

her P90X plateau

Mary Alice from Newhall lost 12 pounds


It worked for them and it can work for you, when you say to yourself…

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