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“I Couldn’t Walk” – Santa Clarita Personal Trainer

Published on February 17, 2014 By John

Personal trainer John Bocobo from Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp on SCV Today with Dave Caldwell and Tami Edwards.

#1 Tip To Fast Track Sexy Arms

Published on May 3, 2012 By John

Spring is here in Santa Clarita, and if you want to walk tall and proud with a sexy pair of arms here’s one thing we do at Fit Body Boot Camp you can do now.

So There I Was Hanging In The Air

Published on March 23, 2012 By John

How a TRX Atomic Pushup/Low Pullup challenge during Fit Body Boot Camp’s World Conference can help you get out of the workout “blahs”.

Vegetarian Confusion

Published on September 4, 2011 By John

Hey my friend Shawna Kaminski from Canada is an awesome fit pro and cool to hang with. She was gracious enough to do a guest post for us that I’m sure will answer the question –“How can I lose weight?” for my vegetarian and on-the-fence vegetarian peeps. Shawna and I know each other from Fit […]

Two Guys Told Me To ‘Just Be Cool’

Published on June 12, 2011 By John

Santa Clarita personal trainer and boot camp owner John Bocobo remembers the lesson he learned from two guys to ‘Just Be Cool’

Valencia Personal Trainer Dishes Up Orzo Salad

Published on June 5, 2011 By John

Leslie brings some pretty awesome energy to our workouts and it has helped her to lose over 30 pounds. When she’s not burning fat with us Leslie is a private chef in the Santa Clarita Valley, and she was gracious enough to share this terrific healthy salad with us.

21 Reasons To Lift Weights

Published on April 24, 2011 By John

Way too many people don’t make a big enough deal out of lifting weights for fat loss. I’ve run into my fair share of clients, and people in line at the grocery store who ‘only do cardio’. Okay…if you’re really serious about being fit, here are some simple ways lifting weights can help you look and feel amazing.