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The Yummiest and EASIEST Green Salsa Ever…IMHO

Published on January 15, 2012 By John

Easy green salsa recipe John brought back from Mexico, to take the blah out of good-for-you food.

34 Flat Belly Gems

Published on July 10, 2011 By John

If you want a flat belly raise your hand? Many of my clients from Santa Clarita to Stevenson Ranch come to my boot camp to lose inches around the waist. These are some of the things I’ve learned over 13 years of helping change people’s lives. Just say ‘No’ to crunches. They compress the discs […]

Could It Really Be Possibe To Have A Flat Belly And Eat Pancakes Too?

Published on August 15, 2010 By John

Pancakes. Yummy right?

Good for you when you’re trying to lose inches?—Well…

Thanks to Tosca Reno I’m sharing this healthy and tasty Cottage CCheese Pancake recipe with you this week.

These are a great alternative when you’ve got the oatmeal and whole-wheat toast blahs.