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It’s YOU. It’s always been you : )

Published on November 20, 2017 By John

Drop the excuses.

You know this to be true about yourself or people around you who claim to follow the nutrition program they’re on and that they religiously come to every workout, yet they fail to achieve their goals, and so they blame their program, their busy life or some sort of outside circumstance.

The reality is it’s not a faulty program or any outside circumstance outside of their control.

Could It Really Be Possible To Succeed At Anything In Life By Eating Pig Brains?

Published on May 22, 2011 By John

On the count of 3, we 4 brain-virgins went down the hatch. I pressed the brains to the roof of my mouth while the words “it’s supposed to taste creamy” kept re-playing in my head.

Beating Your Inner Demons!

Published on May 8, 2011 By John

The other day I posted a workout on Facebook that I struggled with. It was simple, 300 push-ups and 300 Jumping Jacks. After about 100 push-ups I wanted to give up.

I thought…

Who is going to know?

How To Overcome Fear and Doubt and Get Anything You Want In Life

Published on January 9, 2011 By John

I’m going to start exercising and watching my diet as soon as I get my business in order, or get over this cold, or when January rolls around.
Bullshit! You’re afraid of change. You doubt you can take and keep it off. You don’t think you REALLY deserve it.