“Don’t Back Away”

That’s my own personal quote of the day that came into my head this morning…

“Don’t back away.”


What do I mean by that?

I’m talking about something you’ve done and I’ve done that erodes your confidence and sends you cowering back into a dark hole of unfullfillment.

You know those goals and dreams you have? Those incredible things that are freely and abundantly born from our imaginations that allow us to live and be the greatest expression of us.

Yeah those things that we back away from when we go for it and fall on our asses. That we allow that scared little voice inside us to say “You know what that’s too hard. You can’t do that. You should do something more realistic.”

Don’t back away.

I’ll borrow a page from my life circa Johnny at 17 on a skateboard. I fell off my board, cut open and bashed my shins, caught a few skateboards to the crotch, broke a few boards, twisted ankles, and let loose with rivers of F-bombs.

And sometimes this was all in one day! Why because I made up my mind that I was going to land an Ollie-kickflip over a gap (jumping my board off a sidewalk, over an embankment while flipping it, and landing on the asphalt at the bottom).

Nothing else mattered. Anything less was unacceptable. I had to do it.

Some friends urged me to keep trying it, and some tried to get in my ear with that’s too hard.

I must have gone after that trick a hundred times, looking like an obsessed idiot flinging myself over the edge. In my delirium of again, again, again I heard the solid “THOCK” of my wheels landing solidly on the ground.

HOLY SH**! I landed it!

Man do you know what that did for my confidence? I just showed that unsure, unconfident little Johnny inside me that too-hard was possible.


And that’s what I invite you to do for yourself starting today. Don’t back away from the goals, dreams, and whispers of inspiration that are telling you “do it” – let it be the force that guides you to success today : )

If you could use some help learning not to back away and going after your goals give me a holler at SCFitBody@gmail.com.

Much love!


100 Pounds and No More Crying in the Fitting Room

Alyson Before After 100


Grant Cardone talks about becoming unreasonable and obsessed about your goals in his book “The 10X Rule” because for many people stuck where they are that is the level of action it takes to get you out of stuck and live a super-life.

My client Alyson Morris is doing exactly that. This Santa Clarita mom and accountant is on a weight loss mission, and nothing is going to stop her. But to know Alyson’s story you gotta know where she started.

When you’ve struggled with weight all your life, diets and diet pills become a way of life, even though none of it really works long-term. Three kids later and an abusive marriage lead Alyson to blow-up to 240lbs leaving her tired, depressed, and just feeling like giving up on life.

She took a step in getting herself back by divorcing her husband and after some soul-searching did the only thing she’d known, get started on one of those pre-packaged food diets. Alyson had a 40 pound weight loss doing that with a combination of walking and eventually jogging. The Universe really smiled on Alyson when she “found the love of my life!”

Then something happened that happens to lots of people, Alyson got comfortable. Suddenly a few pounds here and there stop mattering because “I love you the way you are, honey” – soon the daily run got put off till tomorrow, and replaced with eating out and cocktails.

But life wasn’t done with Alyson yet:

“Life started throwing curve balls at us left and right, some good some bad. I was eating more and drinking alcohol to cope with stress. Eventually I was buying bigger clothes and crying in the fitting room when nothing looked good on me. In 4 years I had made it back up to 235lbs.”

The girl  who was passionate about singing since she was 5, didn’t want to get on stage and sing with her band! She was afraid to go out because she didn’t want anyone she knew to see her with all the weight she gained back. Our songbird was falling into a deep depression and becoming a recluse.

It took a YEAR of Alyson telling herself she had to do something before she hit rock bottom and said “I deserve to be healthy, happy, and fit” and gave me a call.

Her first day at boot camp was January 2015, she was a bundle of nerves…

“I didn’t know if I would be able to do a single pushup let alone make it through an entire workout.”

“I’m here on my own without a workout partner and someone to help push me along.”

“I don’t know anyone, I feel out of place.”

When you get unreasonable and obsessed with your goals all that head-talk don’t mean a thing. Alyson lost 16 pounds in her first 6-week boot camp challenge, then another 20 in a members-only 8-week challenge. Since that nerve wracked day in January she’s lost over 50 pounds, 6% bodyfat, and 5 sizes on her way to her huge goal of 100 pounds.

More than that you can see Alyson’s got some swagger back. “I’ve gone from barely being able to do a pushup on my knees to busting out several on my toes, from feeling like I was going to die after a few squats to squatting with 50 lb dumbells IN EACH HAND:)


Alyson ripping 40lbs off the floor for a dumbbell snatch at boot camp.

I have learned about what foods should be going into my body and have become obsessive about counting my macros LOL:) I have changed my life for the better!”

If there’s anything I want you to walk away from this story with it’s this: Get obsessed with your goals. Be unreasonable about your goals.

It will super-size the effort, commitment, and drive you have on your journey to achieving your goals. You’re going to need that when life throws you curveballs and you start questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing. Even your friends and family will get in on the act of sabotaging you. “Why don’t you take a day off?” “Aren’t you doing too much?” are just some of the things you’ll hear.

Does any of what you just read ring true deep inside of you? If there’s a “yes” in there no matter how small, send me an email at SCFitBody@gmail.com. Tell me about your story and how I can help you.

Committed to your success,



How This Mom of 2, Slid Back Into Her Bikini


  • You have two small kids
  • ZERO time for yourself
  • A full-time J-O-B
  • You’re not happy with your fitness but doing nothing to change it
  • You have trouble falling asleep
  • and you’re seriously lacking energy

What would you do to change your situation and get back into shape?

Santa Clarita mom Amber Tyndall, told all that stuff to “go take a hike” and got herself up for 5:30am boot camp. Was it easy? Heck no.

Amber found herself going back and forth about the time committment and being able to go on a consistent basis. Then of course there was that 5:30 time…“I’d never worked out that early, but it was the only time I knew I could attend daily.”

On top of that throw in a goal that would seem totally out of reach…

“I wanted to be carefree in a bikini again and didn’t feel like that was doable.”

So what happens when you attend boot camp daily?

Amber says she has energy and sleeps SO much better. “I also have muscle definition back for the first time since having children and it feels great.”

Then she sent me this

Amber Bikini Msg

She made the impossible, possible and she’ll be the first to tell you how she did it. “Fit Body isn’t an extreme 8 week challenge where you see dramatic results and immediately return to the same bad habits. It is a lifestyle change, and once you stick with it the results mentally and physically are extraordinary.”

So how can you have a turnaround story for yourself?

  1. Put a big smackdown on limiting self-talk. That voice is always going to be there. The difference is when you are able to take action despite what that voice tells you.
  2. Have a goal that means something to YOU. Something that will make you reach to get it, and believe that it’s possible.
  3. Commit yourself to doing the daily work on your mind and your body. No matter what.

That’s it. Three simple things that can change your life. If getting back into shape has been eating away at you, and you’re ready for change give me a call (661 505-8193), come try a workout on me. Let’s work together to make your dream a reality.

-Committed to your success,


She Lost 30 Pounds Twice?!

Sounds crazy right? This is the story of my client Carla, a mom and teacher in Santa Clarita.

Carla is a down-to-the-core, hardwired, deep in her DNA “nightowl” who called me “INSANE” for suggesting she come check us out at our 5:30am boot camp session.  I believe the words she said were “That’s impossible!”

Sprinkle in some limiting beliefs like feeling worried that the workout would be too hard, that she wouldn’t be able to keep up, that she would look stupid, that the trainer (me??) would be the yelling type.

Lots of people would say “Nope, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing” – but how do you allow yourself to continue down that road when the daily dialogue with yourself goes like this…

“I was very unhappy with my weight, the way my body looked and the way my clothes fit! I was tired of buying bigger clothes! I did get some regular exercise…using an elliptical at home, but I definitely wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”

So in 2012, Carla had had enough and she started boot camp.  She lost 20lbs in 20 weeks! At first she was sorta discouraged that the weight was coming off so slowly, but then when 20 weeks passed and she realized she’d lost 20lbs, Carla was ecstatic!

“It was the lowest weight I had been in FOREVER!! Then I went on to lose 10 more pounds in the next couple of months.”

Then 2013 came and turned Carla’s life upside down. Her mom passed away. She began slowly, steadily gaining weight again (about 12 pounds). She never stopped working out, she just went to bootcamp less frequently.  Her clothes were too tight but she refused to buy bigger ones because a part of her  KNEW she could get back down to where she had been for so long.

The thing about tough times is they always come to pass. It’s just when we’re neck-deep in it we sometimes lose sight of that fact and stay stuck. In some strange way that stuck-ness becomes the new normal. That’s the way it went for Carla until 2015!

Once again she had had enough and did something about it. She jumped full-force into our Members-Only  8-Week Game Changer challenge and began working out consistently again, started to eat better with personalized macros and specific meal plan, and began to look at the things in her life that were holding her back from reaching the success she wanted!

To put it mildly Carla got re-focused and “I had a fabulous experience! I am back to a 30 pound weight loss…from 162 to 132! When I started in 2012, I was squeezing into size 14 jeans and now I wear a 6 or 8!! I feel GREAT!”

I’m totally proud of Carla not just for crushing her goals, but for doing it twice. Her story is something that happens to many people. They achieve a goal, then LIFE happens and they get whisked away in the tidal wave of it all, and lose themselves. It takes a lot to dig inside and pull yourself out of the dark and I wanted to know what Carla’s secret was.

“Give it a try!! You just might love it!!

I never thought I would be motivated enough to get up early and workout before school, but I do! Sure the workouts can be hard, but the trainers will modify any specific exercise for all abilities and intensity levels! Before you know it, you will be able to take it up a notch!

You have no idea how much you are capable of!!

You are not too out-of shape or too old to do this! At 44, I am in the best shape of my life…feeling STRONG, lean and very happy!”

Whether you’re on the other side of this screen going back and forth about doing something or you’ve achieved your goals only to let life have its way with you, I want to invite you to consider this one thing. Yes life will deal you a bad hand sometimes but that is not the signal for you to stop living, give up on yourself, and checkout from life.

Take a page from Carla’s story and don’t count yourself out. Like she said, “You have no idea how much you’re capable of.” If you feel like NOW is your time and you’ve had enough just give me a call (661 505-8193). Tell me how I can help you change your story and say “hello” to the best version of you.

Committed to your success,


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34 Pounds, 3 Sizes, and 6% Bodyfat Later (CASE STUDY)

Just 2 months ago Nicole McCreery dropped two jean sizes (she mistakenly got her jeans from the junior section) in our members-only 8-Week Game Changer Challenge!

Hearing about challenge results is always cool but I think it’s even more important to know what got our clients started and what happened once the challenge ends.

That’s what I want to share with you here.

Way before Nicole lost inches and weight she found herself always tired, stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and depressed. She gave everything she had to everyone else around her and nothing to herself.

Nicole hated looking in the mirror because her pant size reminded her how fat and unsexy she felt. So to unwind from it all she would have her chai latte’s every morning and cider and wine at night, only to start the whole cycle over again the very next day.

Then the universe stepped in with a messenger, Nicole’s friend and Fit Body Boot Camper Carla, who told her about what she was doing and invited her to come and check it out.

It’s a funny thing that happens when you decide to elevate your life. Your old life does everything it can to keep you from leaving, like making you say…

“I don’t have time for this.”

“This is going to be hard.”

“What time did you say I had to get up? Isn’t it still dark at that hour?”

It’s a good thing Nicole told that voice to shut up, because that was the start of her boot camp journey with us.

Now for someone who’d joined gyms in the past, had trainers in the past, and attended group classes regularly you might ask “What’s gonna be different this time around?”

Nicole discovered it was the camaraderie at boot camp that got her motivated and kept her motivated.

She said, “At FBBC, we laugh, cry and grunt together as we are all feeling the same pain and awesomeness together; no matter if this is your first day or your 700th day.”

Something else that made the difference for Nicole was the personal touch and motivation given to each person by the coaches. She says it “…is always encouraging and done with a true desire to make you your best. If I am not pushing myself hard enough they push me harder, knowing my capabilities.”

All that pushing and camaraderie led Nicole to take things to another level by entering the challenge programs at boot camp, and like I said at the start of this story Nicole dropped 2 sizes just 2 months ago.

The bigger picture is that she never stopped after the challenge and since that time has gone on to lose a total of 34 pounds, 3 sizes, and 6% bodyfat!

I asked Nicole what she feels like now and here’s what she said…

“I’m happier, sexier, and more positive in my whole life journey. I’m addicted to getting myself to the gym 5 days a week, sometimes 6. I am a new person!

If tired, stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, and depressed are how you feel at the end of your day, and maybe you’re in a situation where you give and give to everyone but yourself, I feel your frustration.

Now just might be the time to reach out and shoot me an email (SCFitBody@gmail.com). Tell me how I can help you. Whatever you do YOU are NOT stuck.

Committed to your success,


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1 Reason YOUR Results Are STUCK

BC Girls Wall Pushups


How long you been doing that?!


Ever since starting as a personal-trainer in a big-box gym over 17 years ago I still see it. People doing the SAME exercises and wondering  why their body isn’t changing.

I get it. I fell into the same trap myself. You look around at the gym and see the fittest people who look like how you want to look and you ask them what they do and you start doing it. OR you just fall in love with certain exercises because you’re good at them, you get a good pump, or you just like it and it becomes your forever move.

I’m not against favorite exercises. I am against doing the same thing over and over and then being unhappy when your results aren’t what you were expecting.

A couple of things happen when you stick with the same thing for a long time:

  • Your body gets used to what you do and stops changing
  • Your mind gets used to what you do and things get boring
  • You create something called pattern overload which can lead to overuse injuries and imbalances

If you’re pursuing a fitness goal like fat loss, getting more muscle tone, and losing inches and sizes you bet your booty you’re gonna have to mix things up. Your body sees exercise as a stress and will always work to become more efficient at dealing with that stress. You have to keep your body in a state where it frequently has to work at becoming efficient at exercise stress.

Does that mean giving up your all-time favorite-est things in the history of ever? Not exactly you just have to use something we do at my boot camp in Santa Clarita – periodization.

In simplest terms periodization is a progression of your exercise over time. There are tons of things you can play with when it comes to your progression so I’m going to pare things down  to 1 thing you can start to do today to mix things up and get those results you work so hard for.

That one thing is stability.

True confession time. I LUURV me some deadlifts. I love the feeling of pulling heavy s*** off the floor. The reality for my body is I can’t sustain pulling 2x’s my body weight off the floor for months. It gets harder to recover and I start to get aches and owies that stick around longer than normal.

The solution has been to give my body a break from heavy stuff by taking away stability with single-leg barbell deadlifts.

Does it suck? YES! I feel like a total noob and I don’t get the ego-stroke of being able to pile the weight on, but I stick to it.

The words of my mentor Bedros ring in my ears in the vid below “Embrace the suck”…

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the thing. Every time you take away stability you are forced to use less weight, work slow and controlled, and train unilaterally. The cool thing about that is you squash any weaknesses you know or don’t know about, so when you go back to bilateral movement you are stronger and can possibly lift more. Happy ego again. YAY!

Here are some ways you can progress:


  1. Standing on two feet
  2. One foot forward
  3. One foot off the ground


  1. Working with both hands
  2. Working with alternating hands
  3. Working with one hand

Like I said earlier this is stuff you can do today. Put it into action and get yourself out of STUCKVILLE.

Committed to your success,


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How This Single-Mom Lost 30 Pounds!

I can’t help but chuckle whenever I hear what clients think before they step onto our workout floor in Santa Clarita also known as “Big Blue”.

In one form or another it goes something like this – “I wasn’t sure if I could do the workouts and keep up with them.”

That’s exactly what ran through Renee Ruiz’ mind when she decided to come to Fit Body Boot Camp. Being a single-mom with a daily commute didn’t leave her much time to commit to proper eating. And regular exercise?? Forget about it.

Before she knew it the pounds packed on and Renee found herself at her heaviest weight, feeling tired and sluggish. She decided it was time to do something about it and started coming to boot camp at 6:05 or 6:40 in the morning. She started to see some results but it wasn’t until she committed to a 6-week challenge that things changed for her.

By focusing on meal planning, working out more consistently, lifting heavy, and increasing accountability Renee had a major breakthrough…she was able to lose 30 pounds and 4 sizes!

"This is the smallest I've ever been!"

I asked Renee how she’d motivate the old Renee or what she’d have to say to anyone else who’s still not sure if boot camp will help with their weight loss goals. Here’s what she said…

“It changed my life in many ways and I’m so much stronger than when I started. You should do it.”

Everyone is busy with life. If you’ve reached the point where you’re tired of feeling tired and believe you’re ready to become the best version of you give me a call (661 505-8193). Let me know how I can help you change your life and become stronger.

Committed to your success,


The Infomercial Product I Can’t Live Without

I don’t usually go ga-ga over appliances but never say ‘never’.

It all started 2-years ago with a phone call from my mom…


Yeah mom.

Your dad and I bought an oven from tv do you want it?

You bought an oven from tv? Ummm no thanks.

But it’s nice. You’ll like it.

We don’t have room for it mom. Thanks though.”

YES it cooks frozen food!

A few days after that call I went to visit my brother in Northern California and he had the very same oven my mom was trying to give us. I laughed “You let mom sucker you into that thing?!”

My brother said it was pretty cool and that I should give it a try. So that’s what I did. I test drove this thing for a week while I was there. The very first thing we threw in was a rack of ribs. I mumbled under my breath “we’re not gonna eat until an hour” as I set the oven and let ‘er rip.

30-minutes is all it took and the ribs were done! I was like “whaaaat?” Not only were they done but they were really juicy and tasty. I thought it was a fluke, so I committed to putting this thing through the ringer and made dinner every night.

Lamb chops, grass fed steaks, burgers, pork chops, salmon fillets, chicken breast and even FROZEN chicken drumsticks ALL came out quick and delicious.

AGGHHH! I could feel the tide turning. I could cook things fast. I didn’t have to wait to defrost stuff. I was starting to like this thing.

After my one-week visit I flew back home to So-Cal and tucked my tail between my legs and called my mom.


Hi son.

Uh do you still have that oven you wanted to give us?

Why? You want in now?

Only if you still have it. I tried it out at Mike’s and it’s pretty good.

See I told you you’d want it. Ya, it’s in the garage. You better come get it this weekend because your aunty saw it and said she wanted it.

No don’t give it to her. We’ll be there this weekend.”

And that’s how I came to be the proud owner of my first NuWave oven. I used it everyday to make healthy meals. We stopped cooking with our oven and quite often didn’t even use our stove. If it was a car it would have been like driving it a hundred miles a day. That thing was a work-horse.

Like lots of things you use hard everyday, things are bound to break. That sad day came a few months ago when I went to turn on my NuWave for some pork chops and it wouldn’t turn on.

I reset the outlet, checked the plug and nothing but silence and cold pork chops. I was like “NO it’s dead! How am I gonna cook?” I was a little freaked out about the situation.

I know you can order from the company but I didn’t want to wait for delivery. Bed Bath and Beyond had them on their website but didn’t carry them in-store where I could use my 20% off coupon. “AGGGGHHH!”

I’m not sure why, but I typed Kohls into my browser and there it was – NuWave Pro in-stock and in-store. No waiting? Heck yeah, get in the car let’s go.

Now that the balance has been restored and I’m on my 2nd oven you can bet I’m gonna run this one into the ground as well. If you don’t have a lot of time like lots of my boot camp clients in Santa Clarita, it’s the perfect thing for cooking at home. Please don’t be a knuckle-head like me and poo-poo it. Just go try it. It may end up being something you can’t live without too.

Spicy Pork Chop

Goodbye Diabetes, 11% Bodyfat, and 5 Sizes!

“Your blood sugar is 106 and you’re pre-diabetic.”

Not exactly the scenario we envision when we go to the doctor for a check-up, but those are the words Brenna McNeil’s doctor told her last fall.

That’s when I got the text from Brenna saying she wanted to come back to boot camp after taking some time off.

Sure many of us have the best of intentions when we say we’re going to take some time off or try something else but as so often happens LIFE was starting to have it’s way.

Brenna quickly found herself carrying around extra weight which led to all sorts of excuses to stay home instead of participating in things with family and friends.

That meant NO beach, NO shorts, and NO short sleeves.

The only time Brenna felt truly comfortable enough to go out and do things was in cold weather when she could cover up (living in Santa Clarita it’s not like we have a ton of cold weather).

Now just to be extra-devious Life tried to sabotage her by planting seeds of self-doubt in her head before she even started…

“I don’t think I can do it.”

I don’t think I can lift heavy.”

But Brenna stuck to her guns told that voice to “shut up” and stepped onto the big blue floor at boot camp.

In that time she has found the strength and confidence to burn off 32 pounds, 11% bodyfat, 5 sizes AND dropped her blood sugar 20 points to 86!

Here’s the crazy thing…she did it on a meal plan that let her knock back ice blended mocha’s, bean burrito’s, fries, burgers, brownies and coffee ice cream with peanut butter on top.

What she’ll tell anyone who finds themselves on the fence about getting started is “Just give it a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Whether your doctor has told you you’re pre-diabetic, you use the cold weather to cover up too, or you just don’t think you can do it, give me a call 661 505-8193 and try a workout on me. Sometimes that’s all it takes to give you the confidence to find your strength and confidence.

Committed to your success,


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Life’s Different 45 Pounds Later

There’s something to be said about people who Feel The Fear and Do It AnywaySuccess usually follows.

One of our boot campers, Marie Wiles from Santa Clarita, is a perfect example of acting in spite of fear leading to success.

She told me before boot camp…

“I wasn’t making wise choices with what I ate nor was I exercising enough to keep myself healthy. I’ve always had blood pressure and cholesterol issues and basically wasn’t doing anything to even help that.

Like so many moms I lived life doing things for other people and left myself last constantly.”

Here’s what happened for Marie…

“In my first 10 weeks of boot camp I lost 10lbs.

I’ve now lost 45lbs and gone from a size 14 to a 2 (sometimes a size 0)!image-33.jpg

I have tone in my muscles that I haven’t experienced since my very active college days. I especially noticed the fat from my back, arms and love handles subside. I remember always avoiding taking a picture because I didn’t like what I saw.”

Just recently Marie dug up a picture of she and her kids from a 2011 issue of Santa Clarita Magazine.

When she showed me the picture she was horrified that it was even in a magazine.

But now she considers it her “before” picture, and a reminder of how far she’s come and where she doesn’t want to go back to. Way to go Marie!

Acting in spite of fear really does lead to success.

I tried to figure out Marie’s “secret-formula” then she just told me.

“Everybody just needs to face their fears because they will realize that little-by-little there will be results and in time those little results get added up to make a big difference.

I really dragged my feet to start boot camp but saw results because of it that brought a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I now know that everything I told myself before was just an excuse for not wanting to deal with my own health and well-being.”

Marie’s journey has been such an inspiration to watch. As she kept reaching the goals she set for herself you could see a different Marie emerge. The new Marie is filled with energy and enthusiasm. In fact she has so much of it she’s now one of our amazing coaches.

Being a mom isn’t easy. If you’re dragging your feet and need a shot of inspiration to jumpstart your journey come try a workout with a lady who knows what it was like to be on the back burner. Just shoot us an email at SCFitBody@gmail.com.

Committed to your success,


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